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I’m Lauren Krasnow and I’m a leadership coach, motivational author and speaker.

I help people unleash their untapped potential.

I look forward to joining you on your leadership journey.

My Blog

My blog shares my ideas… which include those originally published by The American Lawyer, Bloomberg, and more.

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My Leadership Coaching Philosophy

Assume positive intent

Most people want to do “the right thing.” As a coach, I hear the innermost thoughts and feelings of people who seek my counsel. As a result, I now firmly believe most people operate from a desire to do something positive, even if it may not always appear that way. We are better able to understand each other if we recognize that the root cause of bad behavior is usually a disconnect between method and objective.


Be Fully Human™

All of us, from the head honcho to the new person on the first day of the job, have emotions, imperfections, a personal life and a professional life. The most effective leaders understand that we can never – nor should we – fully divorce our professional lives from the rest of who we are. Those leaders inspire both by example and by weaving that informed judgment into the fabric of their organizations.

"I am because we are"

“I am because we are” is a South African philosophy called Ubuntu (pronounced “oo BOON too”). A Westerner organizes a race among a group of South African kids and is surprised when the kids all hold hands and run together. He asks, “Hey, what’s going on? Who won the race?”  The kids answer, “We all won. Because if one of us loses, we all lose.” The most effective organizations operate on this principle.

Own your value

Each of us has a unique combination of personality, temperament, talents, and skills. Owning Your Power means identifying what those attributes are, and then deploying them to benefit an organization that needs and values those particular attributes. Like an orchestra conductor who brings out the best in each player, a great leader understands how to bring out the best in each individual in the organization. That way, every individual can own their value.

Testimonials from Organizations & Individuals

How coaching has helped leaders and organizations create change

Lauren is one in a million. Not only do our attorneys at all levels thoroughly enjoy being coached by her, but she's equally well liked and respected by our firm's leaders who sponsor the coaching. I recommend Lauren most highly.

Partner & Chief Talent Officer
Am Law 100 Firm

Any leader would be lucky to be coached by Lauren. Our firm's lawyers greatly enjoy working with Lauren, as do I.

Chief Talent Strategy & Diversity Officer
Am Law 50 Firm

Years of personal development work never did as much as the months we spent together to give me the kick in the pants I needed to find my voice and finally feel comfortable in my success.

Global Practice Group Co-Chair
Am Law 25 Firm

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Our lives are increasingly complex. We operate in a shifting professional landscape, in a polarized political climate, with mounting to-do lists that change every day. Still, there will always be room for open-minded people to work on bettering themselves and their leadership. My work is intended to spark thoughts and start new conversations in the professional world.

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