Testimonials from Organizations

“Lauren is one in a million. Not only do our attorneys at all levels thoroughly enjoy being coached by her, but she’s equally well liked and respected by our firm’s leaders who sponsor the coaching. One leader called Lauren “the consummate professional.” Another said he was struck by Lauren’s “perfect mix of empathy for the challenges faced by the [lawyer] and the frankness needed to bring about positive change.” I recommend Lauren most highly.”

Partner and Chief Talent Officer
Am Law 100 Firm

“Lauren is an incredibly effective coach and is one of the first people I turn to for leadership coaching. Not only is she highly intelligent and accomplished, but she’s also wise in her understanding of human nature. Lauren cuts to the chase with a level of honesty and authenticity that’s unusual and refreshing. This candor, which she tempers with empathy and a great sense of humor, yields terrific results for the leaders she coaches – and has an inspiring ripple effect on the teams and people they lead.”

Director of Coaching
Am Law 100 Law Firm

“Any leader would be lucky to be coached by Lauren. First, her coaching is efficient because she gets to the heart of issues exceptionally quickly and succinctly. Second, she’s a great listener who never judges yet is still direct. Third, the people Lauren coaches get results because she provides practical tools within context and gently supports next steps. Our firm’s lawyers greatly enjoy working with Lauren, as do I.”

Chief Talent Strategy & Diversity Officer
Am Law 50 Firm

“Lauren is a gifted listener, advisor, and coach. We have referred countless lawyers to her for assistance with everything from leadership coaching to just-in-time in-house interview prep to strategic career coaching sessions. She meets people where they are with deep empathy, genuine warmth, a ready sense of humor, and finely tuned coaching skills. Put simply, Lauren cares—and she delivers. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any coaching engagement.”

Chief Professional Development Officer
Am Law 50 Firm

“The best thing about Lauren is her authenticity: what you see is 100% what you get – no matter who you are or how powerful the position you hold. Even when saying tough things someone won’t want to hear, Lauren earns their respect (and usually buy-in) by delivering the message with a great mix of humor, empathy and tact. She’s also savvy and pragmatic, with great judgment and instincts honed after years in the legal industry.”

Chief Operating Officer
Nationally Preeminent Litigation Boutique

“Lauren has been an extremely valuable addition to our firm’s toolkit, and I regard her as a business partner in helping us navigate opportunities for our attorneys to develop. She is practical yet personable, not to mention extremely knowledgeable, with razor-sharp instincts that enable her to see through the clutter to the root of the issue at hand. She never fails to impress our partners, our associates, and other key stakeholders, which makes me look good, too. It’s a win-win.”

Director of Associate Development
Am Law 200 Firm

“Lauren is a gift to our ICF chapter. Her trail-blazing thinking inspires other board members’ creativity, resulting in a ripple effect. Lauren’s know-how and savviness, combined with her authenticity, strength and confidence, are now part of ICF’s toolkit for sharing the life-changing benefits of coaching with the entirety of humanity. ICF is extremely lucky to have Lauren serve in a chapter leadership role.”

ICF (International Coaching Foundation) Chapter President

Testimonials from Coachees

“Working with Lauren has been the best investment I’ve ever made.  I spent years as a leader identifying and leveraging the unique strengths of my team members, but ignoring my own.  I found myself exhausted and feeling trapped.  With her ability to cut straight to the heart of an issue, Lauren guided me to identify my own unique value and keep it at the center of my decision making.  For the first time in ages, I feel back in control of my career and my life.”

Partner and Global Co-Leader of Chambers Ranked Practice Group
Am Law 10 Firm

“Lauren is a gifted leadership coach. Besides being incredibly smart, Lauren is strategic, incisive and practical. She is also psychologically attuned to her clients and passionate about their success. With Lauren’s help, I was able to pinpoint what I truly wanted for my career, and then we strategized together about how I should go get that. And I did. Lauren’s excellent coaching has been a major ingredient in not just my success, but in my happiness.”

VP of Integration
Fortune 50 company

“You have helped me realize my own inner power more than I could have ever thought possible. I was telling a colleague today about how HAPPY I am generally… and you were so much a part of that. Please let me express my sincere gratitude for YOU. ”

Partner and Global Co-Head of Chambers Ranked Practice
Am Law 25 Firm

“Lauren has exceeded my expectations in helping me own my power as both a leader and a rainmaker.  After changing jobs from a senior government position to, for the first time, partner and leader of an important group in private practice, I was overwhelmed.  Lauren helped me learn the “soft skills” necessary to fit in, lead, and navigate new issues as they arise. More importantly, she helped me learn how to prioritize my own happiness while still running a multi-million dollar practice.  Lauren is whip smart and has laser sharp insight into me, which means she is able to offer me meaningful guidance.  If you’re an over-achiever like me that needs someone in your corner to help you be your absolute best and to learn how to be happy, I highly recommend Lauren!”

Partner, Practice Group Leader, and Bar Association Committee Chairperson
Am Law 100 Firm

“Thanks to Lauren’s coaching and guidance, I now have greater leadership, higher pay, more sustainable opportunities, and a better fit with my values and integrity. When I sought coaching from Lauren, I was grasping for a lifeline for the sake of my professional and personal happiness. Lauren saved me by leading me back to ‘me.’ I will be forever grateful for Lauren and the skills she armed me with that I am still using.”

Equity Partner
Am Law 200 Firm
“Lauren and I initially focused on things that I thought of as “just process/time management” points, but Lauren’s default setting is to look beyond the surface to understand people as whole humans. This meant we dove into my strengths and pressure points, and addressed those in a way that fit me and my own style and personality. 
There is power just in being seen as a whole human.
Even when we were working on “just process,” Lauren was always returning to where my power was or could be found, cutting through layers of law firm hierarchy and orthodoxy. Lauren used the foundation we had built on “just process” later to help me tackle bigger questions, like career path, or to help me confront some of my fears and vulnerabilities. She always did this directly but also with kindness – something she also models in the way she interacted with me in sharing parts of her own life and challenges.”
Senior Associate
Am Law 25 Firm

“There is so much about myself now that is truly owed to you and the insights you provided me. Years of personal development work never did as much as the months we spent together to give me the kick in the pants I needed to find my voice and finally feel comfortable in my own success.”

Partner, Global Practice Group Co-Chair, and Crain’s in Business Award Recipient
Am Law 50 Firm

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